Are You Remarkable?

When was the last time you changed something?

In Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable, Seth Godin writes, “Safe is risky.”  In today’s marketplace, growth comes from taking risks, from going above and beyond our customers’ expectations by making changes.  Playing it safe for too long often leads to stagnation.

If you own an established business, are there intentional steps that you have taken to further improve your product or position in the marketplace?  If you have a job, are you making a difference in the company you work for, or are you just a fly on the wall that does their time and earns a paycheck to pay the bills?  Are you working for a company that is progressive, or a one that’s stagnant?

Think about your personal life.  Do you take God for granted?  What about your significant other or your parents or your kids?  Are you getting a little bit too comfortable with your physical appearance?

When was the last time you took any kind of action that was big enough to warrant criticism from a few naysayers?

Think about it.


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