TGIF: A Terrible Way to Live

Building a little bit on my last post, I thought I’d discuss this whole Friday thing. I don’t get why everybody is so crazy about Friday.  Tuesday is the undisputed best day of the week.  Maybe I’ll write about that at a later time.


I lied to you just a minute ago.  I do get why everybody is crazy about Friday.  I used to be enslaved to a job I hated too.  I used to make myself feel better by spending what little money I had on the weekends.

Like most people, I maxed out several credit cards that I wanted to make good on.  I wanted to party and go out with my friends.  I liked eating and having a (relatively) safe place to sleep at night.  Gas prices (I thought at the time) were pretty high.  God knows they are much worse now.

I can only imagine how much more complicated it would have been if I was married and/or had kids.

I used to wake up to a stressful alarm clock every morning, put my suit on and tie my tie in the car, while skipping breakfast and speeding to work to hopefully get into the office earlier than my boss.  It wasn’t fun.

But it was all futile.  For all the progress I thought I was making in my corporate life, I hated myself a little bit more every day.  Every dollar I earned went out to relieve the stress from the continuous pressure I built up working for “The Man.”  I wasn’t happy.  My morals were disappearing.  And my net worth actually kept going down the more money I made.

I would submit to you a simple question.  If you don’t like what you are doing with your life, why do you do it?  Is it because you don’t believe there’s another way?  Is it because you think somehow your situation will change if you just keep doing the same thing?

We are fortunate that we live in an age where our true desires get revealed in a shorter time frame.  It used to be that you worked with a company for 40 years to support your family, and in exchange for financial security, you gave away 1/3 of your time.  Today, we are likely to face our “mid-life” crisis much sooner because that security doesn’t exist anymore.

I would say to you: Don’t live for Friday.

Live for today.  Be responsible, pay attention to what you want and what really matters.  Live your own life on your own terms.

When you are on your deathbed, you will be glad you did.


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