Wearing Suits

I’ve been undergoing some turbulent change in my life. I absolutely love every minute of it.. except for the fact that my energy level and my emotions and my ability to deal with significantly increased amounts of deadlines and responsibilities and changing relationship dynamics (some professional, some very personal) is a little bit harder than I thought.

Yesterday was the third night in a row I had slept less than four hours the night before. My body was awake, but my mind kept drifting. Coffee didn’t work. Structured procrastination (which usually works) didn’t work. Therefore, after a couple failed attempts at knocking out some work I decided to sleep.

Today I am leaving for Oceanside for the weekend to spend time with some friends, maybe hit the beach and get some sun (not that I’m not super darkened by the California sun as it is), and clear my head.

Today is another busy morning where I have deadlines to complete and meetings to be at, transportation issues to resolve, homework to finish. I still need to pack. I’m running out of time, and my mind is scattered.

But something is different today. See, don’t ask me why, but I developed a habit of wearing suits on days when I’m facing a number of variables. I especially like wearing them when I travel. Don’t know why.

The suit represents the calm, collected, powerful businessman I often imagined myself to be in first few years I started in business. How close this projection is to the actual truth is another topic of discussion entirely. But this gimmick – this mindset – allowed me to competently get through many sleepless nights when I worked in law and in sales.

My battery is drained, but somehow things already seem to me more manageable.

I think back to a Donald Trump book I read. “Clothes make the man and the woman,” he wrote. “If you want to be successful, you should start with your wardrobe.”

I don’t know who you get your advice from. But I think the Don might be onto something.


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