Being Informed, But At What Cost?

I’ve recently started taking journalism classes at a local community college.

Having spent over a decade in the realm of personal development, I’ve spent the better part of several years ducking any form of news media due to the necessarily negative nature of news stories.  While purposely bombarding my brain with positive information, I learned to depend on other people for my news.

People would tell me things.  A bunch of people just got shot at some university.  Osama Bin Laden just got assassinated.  Gay marriage is legal now.

My life didn’t change a bit.  Well maybe a little bit.

The reality is, people get affected by the things they read.  It subtly changes their attitude about things.  Over a period of time, their outlook on life will be largely determined by whatever they choose to consume.

If anything, being oblivious to the news has enabled me to (probably) sleep better at night.  I worried a lot less than I would have.  My mind was kept free to focus on the things that were immediately important to me at the time.

Of course there’s the other thing: I’ve been entirely clueless about what’s going on in the world (according to the very trustworthy news media).  I suppose that is significant.

So I’m making a change.  I’ve decided to be involved.  Informed.

Being in journalism, I’m going to be reporting on things.  I’m going to be awake.

After a decade of determining what my deepest values were and solidifying them, I’m ready to open my mind to the information that’s out there.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.


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