Site Update

Hello All.  A brief message on site updates. 🙂

The website will broaden in function and in the content it will cover.  I have a loose sketch in my mind of a website that covers more than just my random musings in a blog format.  It will serve as a marketing tool for both myself and those organizations that I support. It will be a tool to reach other movers and shakers.  In this way, the site will no longer just be a personal diary for myself and myself alone, but will serve the needs of many more who stumble across it.

I will be adding news stories that I see fit to cover, mostly as an experiment in journalism.

I will also share revelations that come out of my faith (belief in and a relationship with Jesus Christ), rather than having a separate website for it.  I realize more and more how ineffective it is to separate my faith from my constantly-evolving message.  This may offend some people (which is why I kept separate websites up until now), but I believe believers and non-believers will benefit more from my choosing to be completely authentic.

I will probably also be adding more photos, videos, links to other blogs that are changing the way I see things on a closer-to-realtime basis.

That is all.  More stuff to come.


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