How Getting Punched In The Face Will Make You Successful

Have you ever watched any of the Rocky movies? He had this incredible boxing strategy that seemed to win him most of his fights. If you’ve seen the movies, you know what the strategy is: get punched in the face repeatedly, win the fight, and hug Adrian (his woman) afterwards.

Okay, I guess he also hit his opponent back. Also, in Rocky III he had to spend that single day on the beach with Apollo Creed, magically improving his agility in a single day so that he could win back his title and avenge Mick’s untimely demise.

How many TV commercials has Mr. T been in as a result of that movie? It’s 2013 and I’m still seeing that guy pop up out of nowhere..

Anyways, it’s late and I have a tendency to ramble for no reason.

The point is, I feel kinda like Rocky right now. Life is awesome, but the truth is there are things nipping at my patience. There are struggles that I cannot control the outcome of right now. Nothing major, mind you. I still live in America with access to endless entertainment, food, shelter, and daily Starbucks. Just there are some things that are going to hinder me continuously that I will not be able to do anything about for quite some time, barring an act of God (who I pray and wait on continuously!). 🙂

As a Christian, I believe heavily in spiritual warfare. And I think the enemy might have noticed that I’m working for my Father’s kingdom, and is therefore trying to discourage me.

But the funny thing is, in the areas I am being attacked, I have nothing left to give. I am empty. I am raw. I am bare. What else can you take from someone who has nothing to give up?

And if you’ve ever watched Fight Club, you know the drill:

“It is only when we have lost everything that we are free to do anything,” Tyler Durden said. In Tyler we trust. We are the all singing, all dancing, crap of the wor…


The Bible talks about struggle. Struggle leads to endurance, Paul said. I prayed for wisdom. And I prayed for strength. God answered my prayer – by allowing struggle to lead to perseverance. What do we have left? Hope.

Solomon said that sorrow is better than laughter, because sadness in face is gladness of the heart.

And I find that because I do not find my identity in things or people, but in the Lord, there is nothing the enemy can steal because of the Word that exists deep within my heart.

There are people out there that crumble under pressure. They are wrecked when the girl they loved and trusted betrays them. They are scared when creditors call them. They are filled with rage when their best friend steals money from them. And the reason they crumble is because they have not faced that situation before.

Anybody that tries to do anything extraordinary will face those situations or variations of them. And everybody crumbles the first time. But the more life knocks you down, the stronger you become. That situation where you lost your cool and reacted foolishly? You’ll get another chance to redeem yourself. You’ll be smarter next time. You’ll be stronger next time.

But you will suffer defeat the first time. You will be humiliated, persecuted, and made to stand alone. Just a heads up, in case you were thinking of turning back to mediocrity.

Whether you believe in God or not, the truth is adversity carries seeds of benefit in them that are equal to or greater than the adversity (stole that from Napoleon Hill). Always.

Here’s a key point: it’s not so much that being hit hard by life is productive. By no means. It’s about being hit by life so many times that nothing scares you anymore. And when your enemies, the world, and fortune seem to turn their backs on you, you can move forward.

One more cheesy personal development line: it’s not the direction of the wind that matters, but the set of our sails.

Life is pretty simple if you think about it. All you have to do is be willing to get punched in the face.

We don’t need money. Or connections. Or talent.

We need confident perseverance.


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