Some people are just cowards.

I lost a lot of respect for people that I really liked today. Sometimes the less you know about people, the better it is for your relationship.

I’m not going to go into detail for the sake of this article (though you can read about it here), but let’s just say I have no sympathy for lazy or fearful people who refuse to stand for what is right. I also hold special contempt for people that backstab their friends.

The definition of a coward is someone who lacks the courage to endure unpleasant things. I encountered a lot of cowards today. Sometimes you don’t find out a person is a coward until they are tested. I am sad but very grateful to know who to weed out of my life, after today.

The Bible says, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

People with money or intelligence who do not help those who are less fortunate, people in positions of power that keep their mouths shut because it’s uncomfortable to speak up against injustice, people that come into the knowledge of God, but only talk about Him when they don’t have to stretch or make a sacrifice to do so; the Bible has a word reserved people like this: evil.

And I’m not talking about the fire and brimstone crap that many judgmental Christians rain down on people they look down on. That is religious and hypocritical and absolutely an abomination. This is different; it’s about justice.

I know that one day I’m going to die and I’m going to make account to my Creator for all the things I did and all the things I was afraid to do. There were many times in my life where I not only did bad things myself, but I sat on the sidelines and watched bad things happen when it was in my power to do something. Nobody blamed me for not stepping into situations that would threaten my perceived security.

I think people take their blessings for granted. They think they got to where they are at because they worked hard or made the right connections or made the right decisions. Nope. God gave it to them. And He can allow it to be taken away just as easily. Everything can change in a single instant, no matter how smart or rich or healthy we think we are.

We can all die today and everything we are saving up for will be a complete waste of time.

There is one thing we can keep long after we die: our legacy.


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