What I wrote on my last Starbucks internet survey

Oh how I love this particular Starbucks.. let me count the ways.

There are so many Starbucks locations in this city. Actually, three of them are closer to my house than this one. But I go out of my way to come to this one because of the love I get from the baristas.

On a happiness scale of 1 to 10, I am a 12. I want to adopt every orphan puppy in the world and find them a home. Every time I come into this Starbucks, I’m so happy that I just want to burst into confetti!

For some reason, this Starbucks also tends to attract the friendliest people. On average, if I spend a day working or studying here, I meet about three new friends. I can only guess that the people reflect the quality of service they receive. It is NOT so at other Starbucks locations I go to.

I do have one thing I hate about this place — the pastries. I hate that every time I eat one of them I want to eat like 10 of them; especially the cheese danishes. Those things are evil. I fear for the size of my stomach every time I eat a single one of those. Damn they are so addicting..

Anyways, I must get back to enjoying my stay. Until we meet again, Starbucks Customer Experience Survey…


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