How far have you come?

blank sheet of paper and pen

Every time I return to my blog after a hiatus of several weeks to a few months, I look at my old posts, hate them, and think, Gosh, I’m not even the same person today as I was when I wrote this — I’m better off deleting everything and starting over.

Then I talk myself out of it for the same reason I don’t delete my old, less than flattering party pictures from my social media profiles. To see only the newest iteration of my life is to lose sight of how far I have come.

I guess we’re always reinventing ourselves.

The temptation is to look at how big our goals are and to be dissatisfied with how far we are from attaining them. This has a place. There’s not many things that annoy me more than people who shoot for shitty goals and hit them 100 percent of the time (minus extra cool points if they are openly proud of it).

But for all the overachievers, over-thinkers, and try-hards out there (like me) sometimes it’s better to do the opposite: be thankful that we aren’t where we once were.

Disclaimer: This probably doesn’t apply to you if you’re going through a really tough trial right now. Lol.

If you look back two to five years and see that not much has changed or things have gotten worse, maybe now is a good time to ask why.


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