Defining moments: red pill or blue pill?


After re-watching the scene in the movie, The Matrix, where Neo meets Morpheus for the first time, I started to think of various “red pills” and “blue pills” I’ve congested over the course of my life. [If you haven’t seen it, you really should. You can probably find the clip on YouTube. I highly suggest watching the scene and paying attention to every line — the same dialogue can be said of so many things in this world.]

I believe there is a moment in everybody’s life where we are faced to make a choice between believing the lies we’ve been tricked into believing (the easy way out) or to follow the proverbial rabbit trail. I’ve adopted the term, “defining moment” to describe this phenomena.

When we find out that we are eating is what’s keeping us on our medication, we can pretend that that isn’t something we can change or we can struggle a bit and change our habits at the expense of our pleasure.

When we find out God is real, we have a choice between following His commandments or reasoning that He didn’t really mean what He said.

When we find out that the person we’re dating isn’t compatible with us (assuming we aren’t married), we can choose to make the tough decision to end it and start over or we can decide to give in to “good enough.”

Tony Robbins describes it as a pattern.

Only when our pattern is broken do we have the ability to legitimately think about the direction of our lives. The rest of the time, we’re on autopilot. The choice we made in the defining moment sets the stage for the next season of autopilot until we once again must choose.

If we choose to reject the uncomfortable truth, we’ll probably be okay. At least for awhile.

We may even become so good at lying to ourselves, we really won’t remember that we rejected that which was true. But deep down, we will always know.

Despite our outspoken position on social media to the contrary, at some point, we will eventually reach another defining moment — sometimes the same one we didn’t resolve properly, sometimes a new one that affects an entirely different aspect of our lives.

From personal experience in choosing to believe lies, I submit to you that until we walk in the truth, we will never be at peace. We will always be searching, always doing something to fill the void — the void that only grows wider with every lie.


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