The wilderness and the promised land

One of the greatest revelations I’ve gotten recently from a friend: God is looking for a people that cannot be bought.

In a first world country, where we literally have all of our basic needs provided for, we can afford to complain to God when we are not progressing towards self-actualization as fast as we thought we would. And the funny thing is, God will still give us what we ask.

In fact, we cannot conceive of how much more God wants us to have our desires than we do.

The problem, then, is that we do not know who our Father is and how large our inheritance is as heirs to the kingdom of Heaven. We know not, so we ask not. We need a larger vision.

If we literally have the infinitely abundant resources of the God in Heaven, one that without effort can change the scope of humanity instantaneously, why is it that many of our desires go unmet? Why allow evil and suffering to occur? Why do people struggle with money? Why don’t people meet the love of their life right away?

Foregoing a much longer discussion about the Providence of God to work things together for our good, may I propose that God is protecting us from that which we have not yet proven ourselves worthy to carry?

Have you ever wondered why lottery winners tend to be financially worse off five years after winning the lottery? Why is it that widespread and free access to pornography actually leads to increased sexual dysfunction and impotence?

May I propose that if we really knew the meaning of rest, if we really knew what it was to “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” we would be completely at rest all the time and we would be overflowing with more abundance in all of the areas of need and desire than we would know what to do with?

May I also propose that if we aren’t yet walking in complete access to all of the things we need right this moment that we are still in the wilderness?

There was a season where the Israelites were taught to live off of daily bread — literally. They were to take only enough manna for the day (two days’ worth on the weekend because of the mandatory Sabbath), as the rest of it would rot.  It literally made no sense for them to get more than they needed for that day. There was a season that followed where the enemies of God and the territory they possessed were given into the hands of His people, but not before the wilderness produced a new generation of people with greater faith.

Here we are, modern day — all power and all authority in heaven and on earth have been given to us through the Spirit of God that resides in us. We are mandated to take dominion by preaching the gospel to all nations.

We are destined to enter into the promised land now and forever, but have we yet conquered the wilderness?


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