We need each other.

Every once in awhile you run into someone that’s really going somewhere, someone that resonates with you on a deep level. They live a lifestyle and cast a vision so compelling that you are captivated almost uncontrollably.

It’s the people you have never really hung out with before, but once you start to speak, you lose all sense of time and before you know it, hours have passed and the cafe is closing.

It’s the people you never intended to cross paths with, but once you do, you know the meeting is divinely appointed.

It’s the world changers, the deep thinkers, the ones that are willing to risk everything: the ones who are so far gone into their unlikely-to-succeed mission that it’s too late to go back and lead a normal life — whatever that is.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that within 30 years, many of these very same people will be on the cover of Forbes, will be followed by CNN (or perhaps AJ+ moving forward) regularly. They will literally be the ones on the front lines changing the planet. They will literally be the ones with direct access to world leaders. They will start movements that change society’s paradigm of the world’s longest-running institutions.

Without saying it, these people cause me to check myself: am I stewarding my life and seeking God that at the very end of my life I will be able to honestly say I have no regrets?

I have met and continue to keep in touch with many such individuals (and couples) in my life, but I find that those who are on mission to change the world are often the ones that we don’t have access to all the time. In my own humble journey, I personally am not and cannot be available for all the people I desire to be available for.

God may place us in seasons where we have personal access to maybe three to five of them at one time. Fortunate is the man who can call a handful of these people “friend” by the time he dies. Favored is one who finds one they can marry such a person (see Proverbs 18:22).

When I think about the distractions that try to disturb our flow on a daily basis, the tendencies to procrastinate, the little things that make us angry, the comfort food we know we shouldn’t eat but still do — I find that spending some type with the right person removes any desire to live a second-class existence.

I dare say that this is evidence that divine appointments are God-breathed. I dare say that these types of connections are forms of agape love.

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I don’t have any proof (yet), but I believe all the “greats” are those that have acknowledged the unquenchable hunger and thirst they cannot seem to shake, no matter what they do. It moves them to change heaven and earth. They have glimpses of their ultimate destiny along the way — driven by that which they know but do not understand. Many keep going, but few see it through to the end.

Running fast in a life when it seems like everybody around you wants to walk can be a suffocating, lonely experience. I see it all the time — people compromise either their calling or the quality of the relationships they choose because they feel like they can’t breathe.

It is not good that man should be alone (see Genesis 2:18).

That’s why we need each other.


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