Samuel and David in the coming election.

I went to a political rally yesterday and as I listened to the man speak, I heard his words and at the same time listened for what God was saying.

Without turning this into a discussion about what I believe politically, I will say this:

God’s choice of candidate oftentimes will not look like our choice of candidate.

A speaker can appear to be saying all the right things, they can have all the experience and all the credentials, and they might even be adept at utilizing the skills of persuasion — I’ll even go so far as to say they might truly believe the words coming out of their own mouth.

But that doesn’t mean you should vote for them.

It sounds a little bit radical, but I believe we are called to be like Samuel when Jesse paraded his sons before him to be anointed as the next king to succeed Saul (1 Samuel 16).

Samuel looked at one and then another, thinking of Eliab, one of David’s older siblings, “Surely this must be him.” But God corrected him, “I don’t see things the way man sees them. Man looks at outward appearances. I look at the heart.”

We are called to be discerning. We may listen to all sides, we may examine our own biases and our own values — but ultimately our best bet is to seek God and find out who has been anointed to be the next leader.

Chances are, it won’t be who you first think either.


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