What grieves the Holy Spirit.

I do not intend to make a full biblical exposition here, so you’ll have to forgive me for lack of Scriptural references; but I wanted to write about something that really grieved me today. This may sound more like a rant than an attempt at reasonable prose.

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m not an evangelist in the traditional sense that asks people to “give their lives to Jesus” by “praying this prayer.” I don’t tell people they need to repent or face the fires of eternal damnation. I don’t try to get people to come to church or read their Bible.

Instead, I like to co-labor with the Spirit of God to help make people’s lives better. They can decide later on if they want to follow Jesus or not.

Often, God gives me a prophetic word to share with them or empowers me to bring physical healing to their body. Often, God reveals to us a negative spiritual influence that needs to be removed. Rarer still are encounters with demonic entities that need to be cast out.

But I gotta admit: sometimes I grow weary.

It’s not that I don’t find investing hours in people a worthwhile practice all by itself. It’s more that I do find it very grieving and frustrating that God and I will work together to achieve breakthrough, and often I’ll watch the person use their newfound freedom to run straight into another folly, or I’ll find that someone else (most often a religious fixture) disrupt the roots we planted for a purpose that is not in line with God’s heart.

And I just wonder: was it worth it to sow seed in that soil?

So I took it to the throne room. Was I right to be angered when I learned of people misusing His name to deny the work of the Holy Spirit? That His children find themselves back into bondage which He freed them from?

Surprisingly, He gave me a resounding, “Yes.” It was His anger I discerned. It was His grieving that I shared.

But He also revealed that He is not at all worried because He knows the end result: the distractions of the enemy on His sons and daughters will ultimately lead to a more profound breakthrough when all is said and done. God never loses a battle. It may appear at first that the enemy has won a small skirmish, but his efforts are wasted primarily on smoke and mirror tactics. He does not do any substantive damage to the Body of Christ, not those who are called according to His mission.

So we must press on and do good for the sake of doing good. I trust God will make it right in the end.


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