Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questions President Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood

This post is not meant as a comprehensive statement of what is right or wrong.

Obviously, as a disciple of Jesus, who I believed revealed Himself in the flesh as the Son of God, revealed in part, through the text of the Bible — I believe killing unborn infants is wrong.

In my own life, I was glad to have Planned Parenthood available when I was sexually active and needed to get tested for STIs or when I wanted to receive an immunization. I cannot say that I am personally in a position to take the moral high ground here, so that’s not where I’m getting at.

Neither can I say I know what it is like to personally be faced with the impossibly difficult decision of whether or not to get an abortion, nor have I been with any partners who have been faced with that choice because of my actions.

But whether you believe abortion is wrong or not, these allegations — that Planned Parenthood is financially motivated to facilitate abortions — raise some important questions.

First off, from this video alone, can we trust that Planned Parenthood, as an organization, really believes they have the moral high ground here? Is Cecile Richards being forthcoming here or evasive? Is she being asked a reasonable question, or is she simply being badgered? (And I watched some of the other videos, she was definitely badgered by many representatives without being given a fair chance to respond.)

If it is determined that financial gain (as opposed to simply offsetting costs as they claim) is even a small motivation in encouraging abortions, can we trust any single Planned Parenthood employee to give unbiased medical advice to someone on the fence about the procedure?

Are the responses presented in this hearing genuine? Or are they canned and disingenuous?

It pains me to see people on either side of the coin blindly arguing for or against Planned Parenthood without discussing what is being said.

Have we lost our ability to think critically, or are we morally apathetic?

These are questions worth thinking about.


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