Compound Interest in Eternity

From my journal:

I’ve… really started to fall in love with this whole idea of family. It seems that we have it reversed as a culture. We work eight hours a day, commute for another two, sleep for eight, eat for a total of two, and then we have about four hours to do everything else — family, working out, personal development, personal hygiene. Five days a week. Fifty weeks a year. What a death sentence. Should it not be reversed?

It’s a bit telling when we examine the last words of people. They always wish they didn’t work so hard. They wish they spent more time with their family. They wish they didn’t hold onto so much anger. I can’t imagine wishing I spent more time reading or even writing. I can’t imagine I will regret any of the experiences or people I’ve invested in, any of the people I’ve met randomly at a coffee shop, every connection or divine appointment.

And here’s an idea: the same way we compound interest in finance, or the same way we compound activity in developing skill — is it perhaps possible that we compound interest in eternity when we invest in people and solid experiences?

Just a thought.


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