Do votes matter?


(Update on 04.13.2016: This page has been updated with new videos posted subsequently to the original blog post.)

Here’s the problem that I see in the world:

We have churches that teach religion, but don’t understand or have a relationship with God. We have politicians in office who do not represent the interests of the people they claim to represent. We have an educational system that teaches students not to think for themselves. A healthcare system that promotes continuous sickness.

Need I go on?

But this is just a short snippet written at 2 in the morning, so let’s just take the Republican Party for example:

Yesterday, Ted Cruz swept Colorado’s 34 delegates.

… without the voters even having a chance to cast a ballot.

How is it possible that an entire state’s population has zero say on who they get to vote for? Really? People don’t get a chance to vote?

How is it that career politicians have so much of an inside game that a contested convention is even possible, against the wishes of popular voters?

I’m not saying Trump would have won Colorado even if there was a popular vote. I’m simply saying that I’d be furious knowing I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

(Update on 04.13.16) Now, even though I’m not quite a Bernie supporter, let’s look at what might be an even worse example.

In this case, there was a primary. And Bernie won. But Hillary got more delegates.


Do you think it’s fair for a political party to choose which candidates they will propel into the presidential race without the consent of its voters?


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