A thought on strength and stewardship.

You don’t know sometimes how strong you are until you are forced to be strong.

I like lifting weights. It went from a desperate attempt at learning to love myself (it worked) to becoming a near obsession.

I’ve come to notice that there are at least two types of people in the gym, but for the sake of this exercise (pun intended), let’s only focus on the two I want to mention:

  1. Those that come in to look good.
  2. Those that come in to be strong.

I started working out because I merely wanted to look good and become confident in myself due to having an improved physical appearance. I kept working out after I grew in confidence because I became addicted to becoming stronger.

But getting stronger takes effort. It requires you to go through intense pressure on a regular basis, maxing out your capabilities frequently, so that your strength capacity is able to increase. You can lift a weight that is easy to lift multiple times to put on size. But you need to regularly lift a weight that is near your maximum capacity if you want to get strong.

The difference between being strong in life and being strong in the gym is in life, we usually don’t choose to subject ourselves to stress. In fact, we move away from difficult situations as often as possible.

When we don’t go through difficult situations we don’t get stronger. Sure, we might be able to look good to others by doing the same decent things over and over again. But we won’t really be all that strong. And if we aren’t strong, we most likely won’t be trusted to steward anything significant.

So let me combine some of these unrefined ideas and make a not-too-far-fetched speculation. If we are praying and seeking to do something significant in our lives, is it out of the scope of reason that a difficult situation sent our way might in fact be advantageous in helping us get what we are asking for?


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