On feminism: do the ends justify the means?

“I’m not a feminist because feminists are unintentionally creating a world of reverse sexism that I don’t want to be a part of.”

Thoughts on this, anyone? I’ve not yet taken a stance myself because, quite frankly, I am very ignorant as to any type of feminist movement.

If I had a speculate without doing any research, I’d have to easily agree that generally (in most categories) females and minorities are proportionally discriminated against in our society — and likely more so in most other societies. I highly doubt anyone would disagree with that.

But I don’t know that the move to close the gap should involve what I have seen: a heavily biased move in the exact opposite direction — using the same discrimination being spoken out against but reversing the offenders and the victims. Do the ends justify the means?

Going down the rabbit hole a little bit — perhaps it is this type of flexible morality that drives disenfranchised idealists to seek power and evolve into corrupt officials. But can these corrupted power brokers, once in power, truly serve the movement they once pledged to support?

I believe there is a more excellent way.


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