We have a voice


Trump won in Indiana yesterday.

So did Bernie.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the running (finally).

I have no idea what happened to Kasich — and honestly, I don’t know if anybody cares.

I’ve been dousing myself in videos, news articles, and books  — mainly about the Republican Primary Election and some of Bernie’s stuff because I can barely stomach the few Hillary and Cruz videos that I do watch (it’s a prophet thing) — so much lately that a large number of my posts will probably start to be political in nature.

When I asked God a long time ago about what it meant to seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, the first thing He told me was that the Kingdom of Heaven is the truth. I’ve been finding that there is an empowerment to being informed. Nobody can lie to you when you know the truth. And just as it is true in spiritual matters, so too is it true in worldly matters.

I don’t think a lot of people have the true desire to seek the truth; they would much rather decide to believe whatever they want to believe. But I have a perhaps naive and a perhaps accurate belief that a minority of people who know the truth will be able to take care of the people that don’t.

The amazing thing about having smart phones and social media is virtually anybody in America nowadays can create their own content and have it possibly go viral based on whether or not it resonates with the audience. I’m finding myself very inspired by ordinary people who are capturing the truth and publishing it and sharing their personal thoughts on it.

Never before in history have we had this kind of information! I watch these politicians lie and lie and lie through their teeth, and they are very convincing. But now we have the ability to Google them immediately, we can compare their statements to statements published previously, we can know the truth very quickly. And no longer can they get away with lying. The people that have their eyes closed are only that way because they choose to have their eyes closed.

I believe that just as companies will be forced to change their focus to more sustainable, more ethical practices if people start to boycott their products, so too will public figures have to start being authentic and competent if they are going to earn our vote.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that we have a relatively small window where we still have the freedom to support the candidates we want in office, that there are powers that seek to block the people from knowing the truth. Because of the ability to share information so freely we can sniff out phonies very quickly, but I believe we have an enemy that will influence people in high places that will seek to block out this freedom. If you don’t believe me, check out North Korea.

The truth is, I don’t know if people will default to intentional ignorance or if they will start to wake up and care about the matters that are going on on our planet. But one thing I’ve learned about this election cycle: if a guy like Trump can beat out career politicians with the mainstream media obviously out to get him, on a fraction of their budget, all self-funded — what we have access to in terms of freedom and information really makes a huge difference.

I believe every generation faces these types of attacks on our liberties. I believe every generation must stand up and fight for what they believe in. By default, they will always be under attack. I believe in every generation, the vast majority of people are probably deceived at some point and mistake good for evil and evil for good.

But every generation has a remnant. From the times of the Bible until today — the actions and voice of the very few has always been enough to change the history of the entire nation.

We have a voice. And our voice matters.



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