The systematic disinformation of the masses


For it is peculiar to man as compared to the other animals that he alone has a perception of good and bad and just and unjust and the other things of this sort; and community in these things is what makes a household and a city.

— Aristotle, Politics


I’ve only been alive for 31 years, and I can’t say I’ve been paying attention my entire life, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen the political scene so volatile. I’ve never seen so many people actually caring about the outcome of the election as I have in this cycle. I’ve never seen such patriotism. I’ve never seen such anarchy.

Now this isn’t going to be a complete discussion about patriotism versus anarchy — frankly even if this was the time and place that I wanted to do an extensive study, I’m not really prepared to discuss it at length.

I always thought anarchy was a set of individuals that decided that chaos makes more sense than order, that their energy was best spent “fucking some shit up.” But what I have seen in practice this election cycle surprises me. It’s not a grassroots movement of people that are inspired by one candidate (Bernie) to make their voice heard.


No. It’s the Soros-pushed, organized rioters trying to force their views on the masses, shutting down free speech, utilizing violence and lawlessness to attain a political end. There is no meaningful discussion, no educated argument. Just a bunch of brainwashed (and in many cases paid) people causing trouble for people that support Donald Trump.

What we see is the utilization of lies (perpetrated by the media) and an unwillingness to be rational to push an agenda; except there’s a catch — there is no agenda except violence, theft, and destruction. Gee, a certain fallen angel whose name rhymes with Lucifer comes to mind — but that’s a different discussion.

What we are seeing is the manifestation of a top-down organized, systematic disinformation campaign, where the goal is not to create order so much as it is to create chaos. We don’t see young, impressionable minds being molded to the end of the right or to the left ideologically. Instead, we see the illusion of leftist support, when the idea is to disempower the masses so that the powers that be can maintain control of the media, the government, the education system, the financial system, and sadly even the family and the church. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And what we see here is not a disagreement as to the moral values of one worldview (such as democracy vs. communism or Christianity vs. Secularism). No. Instead what we see is the erosion of the truth. It’s not so much that one ideology is favored over another. Instead, what is favored is the destruction of cultural values without setting up opposing values in its place.

We don’t agree with your religion so therefore there should be no religion. We don’t agree with your gender assignment so let’s just make it completely optional. We don’t agree with Capitalism and fair wages, so let’s just take from the rich and evenly distribute it to everybody else. It’s madness. Anarchy. But it’s insidious because it’s disguised as having the moral high ground. Of course, anybody that’s informed and thinks for themselves will see right past it. But that’s the thing, most people don’t want to think for themselves.

But if we are to lose perception of good and bad, of just and unjust, and just assign relative values based on arbitrary whims — as many so-called intellectuals purport to do — we no longer have a society. We just have chaos.

It has Satan written all over it.

Of course, these aren’t old tactics. Since the beginning of time, these types of attacks have always taken place. We don’t war against flesh and blood.

hitler  mao  amin

I find it ironic that people arbitrarily call Trump a Nazi and a Fascist without knowing what those terms mean. Historically, it’s the socialist and communist worldviews that have tended to erode people’s personal freedoms that lead to the empowerment of the few in government, which lead to suppression of education, free speech, and artistic creativity, which ultimately lead to genocide. I would encourage these misled, attempted firebrands to look up Hitler, Mao, Stalin, or Mussolini, or Idi Amin. Were these capitalists?


It’s funny because I see the same type of abuse in the church institution. Religious people seek to control the masses through the dissemination of false propaganda disguised as righteousness. These easily offended, politically correct “social justice warriors” remind me of legalistic Pharisees that aim to create the perception of righteousness through despicable tactics (fear, manipulation, shame, suppression of free speech), but a close up view of these offenders reveal that there is no depth to their arguments, and no congruency with the values they supposedly are called to uphold.

Luckily we have a tool called truth. And it’s the minority that wield the truth that have the ability to move society collectively forward, despite the kicking and screaming of the deceived masses.

If you have read this far and you understand what I’m saying — that’s you.

Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall before you by the sword.

— Leviticus 26:8

How could one have chased a thousand, and two have put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had given them up?

— Deuteronomy 32:30


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