Shootings two days after Hillary’s “exoneration” — silencing our voice.

The events that occurred yesterday were terrible. And I felt that even though I had a lot to say, I couldn’t say them because I didn’t want to hurt the people that had been affected by these tragedies or the people who felt strongly about them. And I realized when I woke up this morning — this is the same crap that is used all the time to silence our voice.

I’m not trying to be a dick, but these types of tragedies happen ALL THE TIME. There IS a race problem in America. There IS a police brutality problem in America — though arguably our police are probably still better trained than most anywhere else in the world. Go to a third world country and come back and tell me if our police are really that bad. But why is it that the media will strategically put up a non-stop frenzy over events like this and why was there no outrage over the much larger Chicago shooting just a month ago? Why now — just a couple days after Hillary’s corrupt exoneration and Comey’s damning Congressional hearing?

It’s called bait and switch. Presidential approval ratings go up during national tragedies. Just look at how 9/11 got us to trust a terrible and morally corrupt president. Have you figured out yet that the establishment will use this knowledge to control you?

Don’t be a fool. You want change? Think about the people that got us into this situation to begin with and ask yourself if trusting them once again will fix the problem.


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