It’s not always what the media writes. It’s what they don’t.

I found myself in the morning feeling like I needed to check out the local propaganda pages (LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal) at my local Starbucks. Here’s what I found:


Only one brief paragraph (literally one sentence) on page 17 and one protestor quote on page 16 (slightly more damning on the staged walk out of DNC) in the NY Times (LA Times and Wall Street Journal completely neglected to publish a single thing about the topic) about a hint that the DNC might have been in the wrong about rigging the election — carefully worded of course not to say a single thing actually — and the focus on page 17 was on how Assange has personally beef with Clinton.. give me a break.

America, the mainstream media is LYING to you to MANIPULATE the narrative to CONTROL your vote. Wake up!




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