Ugh.. Politi”fact”

Can I just say, since I’ve heard it so many times in the past couple days — don’t you think going to Politifact and blindly expecting them to do an “unbiased” analysis is pretty much the equivalent of choosing not to think for yourself?

I’m not talking about the measurement of certain quantifiable things as that may have value, but I have noticed that they have a way of categorizing certain statements, and people are misconstruing that with determining what the real issues are. [Clue: Politifact doesn’t spell them out.] Soon you fall into the trap of checking the red or the green and associating it with good vs. bad, and even worse, falsely and confidently believing that you are now well-informed.

It’s the equivalent of being, say, a philosophy teacher and rather than reading your student’s arguments (say he was from a different country) you fail him because he misspelled some of the words.


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