More media lies about Trump: this time with allegations of ties with Putin.

Edit on Aug. 26, 2016: I am SHOCKED that Hillary is really running with this story, despite the revelations since then the extreme unlikelihood of Russian involvement. She is getting increasingly desperate..

Here is the press conference where Trump allegedly called for espionage. Nevermind the fact that the leak uncovered blatant election fraud (DNC doesn’t even deny it but instead seeks to derail the discussion).

If you are lazy or don’t have much time, skip to minutes 12:30-13:30 to show what complete bullshit artists the media are even within 30 seconds plus/minus the clip they showed over and over again.

But if you watch the whole press conference. you might find it very shocking, as I do, that the media doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they are blatantly controlling the narrative. They pretty much depend on people not doing their research — and the 40% who allegedly support Clinton are obviously the people that don’t do their research (or frankly, know the truth, but simply don’t care).

There’s a difference between playing the false intellectual [ie. it’s far-fetched, but plausible that you could interpret a statement one way or the other and push hard on the misinterpretation] and preying on people’s sympathy (which unfortunately the left has employed over and over again, sacrificing substance for effect); and blatantly lying about what transpired. This particular example is a form of the latter.

You cannot be intellectually honest, watch this conference, and believe the media’s version of the conference. But how many will actually watch?


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