On the legitimacy of Snopes and Politifact.

The Federalist Papers published an article recently detailing some inaccuracies reported by Snopes — a so-called fact-checking authority — regarding the recent Iran illegal ransom debacle.

I’ve personally been getting into many discussions with fairly childish liberals (sorry, I’m not trying to be dishonoring) that see this as a battle between two parties, and they resort to almost anything to “win” the “fight” against their supposed “enemy.” One of the tools they seem to use most frequently nowadays is citing Snopes or Politifact and then claiming they have indisputable evidence. Couple that with the fact that they have not even checked the original source, but merely believe what these websites tell them.

Don’t make me laugh.

Sorry to burst your bubble. Snopes and Politifact — while sometimes valuable — are FAR from authoritative resources on fantasy vs. reality. It’s not a bad start (actually sometimes it is..) but everyone needs to graduate from kindergarten sometime.



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