Stealing the election.


Okay, call me crazy — but this looks like a very BLATANT attempt to steal the election. They already have proof it was done to Bernie when there’s no way in hell she got the popular vote.

Now that everyone is aware of it, the attack is to blatantly lie about who is ahead and who is crashing and burning in the media. I’ve never seen such corruption. Extremely dishonest reporting at a scale I would call evil.. a complete misdirection from ALL OF THE BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE OF HILLARY’S CRIMES to false and obvious propaganda.

Who was I arguing with the other week about us turning into a state like North Korea? You thought I was exaggerating. Does it sound crazy now?

Trump is ahead over 7 points (probably more realistic is 12 or 13) and in one day Reuters and others changed their polling methodology in such a way to pull Hillary neck and neck… then retroactively went back into their timeline and changed all of the numbers there too.

Now all of a sudden MSM is coming out with BS stories of Trump thinking of quitting?

Duh. Because if we call bullshit on Hillary’s election fraud, she has no credibility if she’s already losing (truth is — she obviously is). But if they can paint the lie that she is ahead, then they can act like they would have won anyway.

Ridiculous corruption. They are desperate.

Please do your research folks and share the truth. We already saw this to happen to Bernie. We cannot allow the government to take away our right to vote and that is what is happening here.

Worth a look: The Libertarian Republic on polling.


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