A word on emotional abuse

I published this on Facebook, linked to Lance Walnau’s article called “Overcoming a Controlling Spirit. ”

Hope this resonates!

It’s been an interesting year. I’ve had to learn how to deal with a lot of emotional abuse.. much of it in the religious realm (for those of you that know me, I am NOT talking about a particular ministry or church [except in one glaring case but that was years ago], but I have found many instances of these types of things almost everywhere I’ve gone). Many instances were later revealed to me (through discernment of spirits) as forms of witchcraft and even some partnerships (knowing and unknowing) with higher level principalities. [Yes, this also applies to what we see going on in other arenas — politics, media, family, financial, etc..]

There are ways to explain certain types of behavior with psychology and in studying social dynamics and various types of personality disorders (mild and major) that lead to the manifestation of various kinds of behavior.. but those are often just clues — symptoms of something rooted in the spiritual realm. Indeed, much of what we see in the natural really has precedent in the spiritual, including physical illness. It’s not the behavior that leads to resulting behavior, necessarily, but the spirit influencing the behavior that leads to an impartation that manifests in the resulting behavior.

If this resonates — because of what you have been noticing, because of what you have personally been through — you are not crazy, but are simply awake. Many around you will not understand. “Seeing they do not see or perceive” — and that, I believe is by design. I believe there is a divine timing and a reason for some people to go through this trial with open eyes, and to become fluent in it and to master and overcome it. I’ve not fully put my finger on it, but I believe this has to do with our overall calling and with our purpose in partnering with the Kingdom for the imminent Reformation (not restricted to religion). You have been selected for a purpose much bigger than yourself (you have the freedom to decide whether or not to walk it out).

If you have eyes to see, ears to hear, a mind to perceive and understand — behold what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the Bride.



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