Prophetic word: Stay the course.

For some of you:

Stay the course.

You have been pursuing excellence consistently and relentlessly with seemingly no recognition, with not a lot of tangible fruit (yet) to show for your efforts; only faith has sustained you.

But stay the course.

The enemy is desperately trying to distract you from doing what you know you must. Warfare has multiplied lately. There is a battle for the stability of your mind. Smoke and mirrors, if you ask me.

The temptation right now is to change course radically (and recklessly) in favor of “feeling better” about your short term circumstances. But I would call this a rookie mistake.

To fall into this trap would be to lose momentum. It won’t stop you from attaining your goals but it will drastically slow you down and it will cost you a lot of time.

Stay the course.

Remember, you have control of what comes out of your mouth even if you cannot always control everything that goes into your mind. You must take your thoughts captive. You have the power to agree or disagree with the thoughts that go through your mind.

Resist the enemy and he must flee. But you will be tested. Victory in this area is a requirement for the promotion you have asked for.

Stay the course.

I’d like to say it won’t be long before you see your breakthrough but that isn’t necessarily true for all of you. Yet you must continue.

Be steadfast and unwavering. A strong tower. Planted in rock and not in sand. You are the image bearer of One who has modeled this for you already.

It is more important for you to realize that you have always been enough than it is to keep asking for what you have been made to believe you do not possess.

Your destiny is your inheritance. Do not let it be stolen.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.


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