The plot thickens.

I posted maybe a week or two ago about how the establishment was disconcerted after Trump’s election — their defeat. They immediately fell back on their bread and butter: childish name-calling and catch-all accusations of racism for pretty much everyone and everything that disagreed with their narrative (including hilarious attempts to call every single one of Trump’s staff picks racist).. but I warned that after their meeting with Soros and the injection of new money into the project, they would come out with more sophisticated, multi-pronged attacks. Now we see it happening.

Let’s list out a few: the ridiculous call for a one-sided vote recount (and ridiculous denial of fraudulent votes), the unfounded accusations of business conflicts of interest (and despite an announcement that Trump will relinquish all of his enterprises for the duration of his term, attempts from propagandists like Maddow to insinuate that that’s somehow not good enough, while oddly enough the Clinton Foundation and media collusion industry seem to get a pass), the denial that Trump worked with Ford and Carrier to keep jobs in the US, the attempts to threaten electors and to blatantly attempt a steal after the fact, calls for secession, calls for assassination, multiple false flags (paid rioters, false reports of hate crimes), lies about Russian alliances, calling an ISIS-motivated vehicle / knife attack random gun violence, fake news accusations (from all the lying media organizations), and now we have.. blatant censorship.

They infiltrated Fox, they censored Michael Savage, Apple just banned Breitbart, and now Twitter is considering banning Trump? On the one hand it will be great to create an opportunity for a new platform to emerge that is actually fucking honest, sticking to the agreement everybody signed when signing up, instead of being a state-run media sellout. On the other, we might not get that opportunity.

Cops are getting murdered in the streets and lame duck Obama is silent. Are we going to call this anything other than an attempted coup (thankfully not violent.. yet)? Hey extreme left, you ready to pick up a gun and shoot those people you passive-aggressively undermine on Facebook? Because civil war is where we are headed if any of these plans actually works out. Hey, so-called moderates, you going to sit there and passively let the bullies erode our constitution with manufactured outrage? Better start buying storable food and work on your marksmanship.

I’m cautiously optimistic because everything the prophets have predicted has come to pass so far, but make no mistake — after a hard-fought year, the battle has just begin.


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