On the CIA allegations of Russian election tampering

I actually don’t have words for how ridiculous this alleged CIA narrative is. They once again name no names, give no details, provide no evidence. Just “unnamed sources” who apparently are close to the matter. WikiLeaks names names. Provides time and dates and it corroborates with reality. You’re calling US the conspiracy theorists? How bout some proof? How do you categorically deny mountains of evidence, thousands and thousands of declassified (and public BTW) documents, information uncovered in FOIA lawsuits (this is probably the LEAST transparent administration we’ve seen in our lifetimes) — and then you expect us to believe you when you name an anonymous “source,” or “expert,” or “analyst?” Are we to believe your conclusions without a single shred of information because some anonymous source quoted it and the media parroted it?

Remember the Iran Contra affair? The CIA under Bush actually SOLD DRUGS illegally to raise money to fund an unjust war of aggression in Nicaragua. Did you report that? Remember when the government said Saddam had WMDs and used that as a justification for invading Iraq, murdering countless innocents.. and then when we found none, pretended it was okay because we thought it might be a possibility he would pursue them in the future? Did you report that? How about when they said Assad gassed his people and we used that as a reason to provide funding to terrorist groups against Syria (by the way, who is Syria and Russia fighting again? Hint: it rhymes with ISIS.)? How about when we “accidentally” left weapons and military equipment and vehicles in a war zone we pulled out of that directly armed our supposed enemies.. TWICE (this happened also under Bush)? Do you use the words “armed conflict” or the more correct term, “US terrorism,” or worse, “US aggression” when reporting on these matters?

How much time you got? We have evidence of US tampering in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, in the Middle East — supporting murderous dictators, conducting illegal and terrorist operations to topple regimes, murdering innocent families, destroying their lives and homes, and then have the audacity to demand they pay us taxes on the war we started with them while we place sanctions on them crippling their ability to do so. There’s proof. Mountains of evidence spanning decades. The media is SILENT. But then they make an unjustified accusation to subvert the will of the people (resembles what has been done in other countries for an entire century), and now it’s plastered all over the “news” — which nobody watches anymore, really.

WE THE PEOPLE reject the lies of the establishment. WE THE PEOPLE democratically elected Donald Trump despite MASSIVE election tampering because we’re sick of being lied to. We’re sick of being FUCKED WITH so Obama can play another round of golf on taxpayer subsidies. No, I don’t believe these “spontaneous,” staged sympathy photo ops with your chosen puppet are without a purpose. Where are the reports that these supposed recount efforts just uncovered more fraud but in reverse? What about all the reports you were forced to retract because of threats of lawsuits from reporting as “fake news?” This whole operation is absolutely trashy, really disgraceful — where’s your dignity? Where’s your honor?


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