On false objectivity and reactions to disinformation.

In our generation, the weapon of the left has always been false objectivity. Pretending to be unbiased. Pretending to tell the truth. Pretending they are “experts” or “analysts.” Claiming high level sources (without providing evidence). Claiming to be non-partisan. “You can trust us because we are the ‘official’ source.”

And now, pretending to check the facts. This is laughable to anyone with a brain, but actually pretty insidious and dangerous to those who seem to like others thinking for them. Shall we just abolish the first amendment and let elitist organizations (funded by foreign money) dictate which information we should see and which we shouldn’t?

WE THE PEOPLE are not buying it. However, the “news” will report it as if people are. Don’t believe the lies. That the establishment is so threatened they have turned our primary institutions into a reality show betrays their desperation.

What bothers me most about people that buy disinformation is not so much that they are misinformed — anybody can be misinformed if they are exposed to the wrong information. What bothers me is that those who are the most clueless are often the ones who are the most overconfident in their misinformation and the most arrogant and condescending towards those who disagree.

These same people are usually the ones unwilling to look at competitive information, cutting off all discussion before it begins. Then they are willing to employ manipulative, abusive tactics (similar to what we see in cults) to suppress dissenting voices if it is in their power to do so.

I’m actually not as troubled by the people that do the brainwashing (they will always be around) so much as that people are in such a state that they are susceptible to being brainwashed.

[I should add that Communist-style censorship probably isn’t the answer].


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