Modern guerrilla warfare.

In some ways, I feel like citizen journalism is like guerrilla warfare. Ordinary citizens do not possess the heavy artillery that their enemy does, nor the professional training, nor do they have, necessarily, a center of organized command. [The one notable exception is that they DO have the numbers.]

Guerrillas are not mercenaries. Often they are the very ones severely affected by those they are at war against. They are painted by the invading army as terrorists, when all they are doing is defending their homes. They are relentlessly driven by that which they cannot unsee, but are criticized by those who have seen nothing (but purport to know everything).

I wish I could say that those with the moral high ground always prevail (they often do), but history shows many examples of the reverse. In the long run they do, perhaps, because even the most oppressive of conquerors cannot erase a movement.

Yet there are times such as this, when liberation is possible — in fact, destined. Revolutions are not necessarily won with heavy arms, but by a small minority of those called together for a purpose. Dare I say it is a Spirit in the hearts of men that prevails against all odds?

Everyone has a role to play in the emergent reformation. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.


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