Your phone calls to representatives are useless.

I’m gonna go ahead and say what has been obvious to me for awhile. Your phone calls to representatives are entirely useless. Even if they had the time to personally listen to an alleged “thousands of phone calls” from “concerned citizens” (NOT the same thing as subversive political activists who are NOT EVEN PART OF THEIR CONSTITUENCY) — it’s more the prop of pretending to care about so-called alleged phone calls to justify their obstruction orders, purely political and straight from the top.. including some of the RINOs we have seen who pretend they had a change of heart. It’s the publicity of it more than it is the true will of THE PEOPLE who fully support the administration that (at least with a colluding media) hopes to enable the false idea that their disgraceful actions are even remotely defensible.

It’s the hypocrisy of it all I cannot stand. But even these last ditch efforts are beginning to lose steam. Why? Because for all of their redefining of terms, reversals of reality, and phony representations — they DO NOT have the moral high ground and they DO NOT have the support of the people. WE THE PEOPLE are TIRED of being lied to and being held in humiliating subjugation.

Not only will the subversion fail to stop the will of THE PEOPLE; but your cover is blown now. The benefit of finally being betrayed is your betrayer must reveal himself. Have a look, America! Our enemy stands before us.


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