What the establishment does when they can’t control the president.


I’ve been analyzing the propaganda from both sides of the fence for awhile now. It’s interesting to me what the leftist establishment responds to vs. what the right-wing establishment responds to. The news (very much in bed with the establishment) seems to be a mix of factual and false information, and selectively interpreted analysis, depending on the narrative they want the majority of the public to believe (or the smoking gun information they want the public distracted from). The left seems to play more on emotional, social issues in order to subvert logical arguments. The right seems to support the military industrial complex, hinging on difficult-to-argue-with truisms that are hard to disagree with (think “defending freedom” or “strengthening the economy”).

But the common theme seems to be this: whenever there is a concession that eliminates either side’s ability to control Trump or the public perception they create of him, universally we will see targeted propaganda as a predictable response, hoping to make some headway and either regain control of the narrative or facilitate some type of damage control to hold on to what little power remains. Targeting his family and his close associates is fair game when they fail to get to the man himself. Unfortunately, we see that many have caved to the bullying and the pressure, even when no moral, legal or reasonable justification existed for doing so.

Though not perfect in this respect, it seems Mr. Trump is the single leader we’ve seen in recent decades that is willing to buck the establishment — even when many or most of his close advisors are in total disagreement with him. Perhaps this is what the executive branch is meant to be used for — as opposed to the anti-democratic mass collusion between institutions we’ve been subjected to for pretty much our entire lives.


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