Drain The Swamp


It’s about time for some of these propaganda stations and political hacks to start getting sued for libel and slander. Zero substance, zero evidence, zero names, but endless innuendos — and it’s been months and months now. Endless obstruction under false pretenses.

WE THE PEOPLE are not the brainwashed sheep you make us out to be. We are the PATRIOTS, we are the SILENT MAJORITY, the defenders of TRUTH.

When these hacks fail to serve the interests of the constituents that voted them into office, when a failing, foreign-owned media propaganda publication calls itself the “paper of record” and seeks to sabotage America’s interests — you know their days are numbered. WE THE PEOPLE wield the power. Not the media, not the parties, not the politicians, not President Trump.

The problem with elitists is they don’t even regard those outside their little cliques as equals. We are demographics — tools subject to manipulation by our self-appointed “rulers,” our self-imagined slavers, under the illusion of serving (their perverted definitions of) our own highest values.

But we see you now. Everyone sees you now. The LIGHT shines in the darkness, and the darkness has no standing.

It’s time to #DrainTheSwamp


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