The media says white people are more dangerous than Islamic extremists.

Getting really tired of the mainstream media peddling the idea that white people are more dangerous than radical Islamic extremism. You wonder why the Democrats lost the election — this is it. Completely out of touch.
There were at least three ISIS attacks reported in this week alone with dozens murdered and many more wounded, but instead the MSM blankets the airwaves day and night with the crazy white racist guy who conveniently was a neo-Nazi who hates Muslims. Meanwhile the regularly occurring terrorist attacks (not including the ones that were thwarted) are relegated to a single, short news article buried deep within the newspaper. Guess how many eyeballs those stories get? With the exception of Manchester (likely because it occurred in a developed country at an Ariana Grande concert), this is business as usual folks.
In the same week, European leaders tell the public that this is completely normal and the answer is to carry on and not do anything. Liberal activist judges appointed by our former amateur-in-chief overstep their Constitutional authority and push their obstructionist agenda on the travel ban.
The leftist establishment says hate is not the answer, but I’ve never seen such a widespread religious (don’t kid yourself, it’s religious) agenda pushed purely on blind hatred for the man that THE PEOPLE elected (based on false pretenses and non-existent logic of course), ignoring all the victims that are regularly sacrificed on the altar of the establishment’s form of secularism — and then they call it “progress.”
But we see you now. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has massive debts to repay.

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