This blog is a collection of my musings, thoughts, learning, experiences, and hobbies.

Though my outward intention is to provide valuable content, free of charge, to anyone who happens upon these pages, my inward goal is to get better each and every day. Forcing myself to publish regularly and on a deadline allows me to keep myself accountable, that I am not simply reading a bunch of books and failing to get anything out of them. In some cases, I share my progress over a period of time, and I fully expect that some of my most major frames of reference will change over time as I grow from those I study.

It’s also a reflection of an obsession I’ve had since I was a child — I don’t want to miss anything. If I have a good thought or see a good video or read a good book, I don’t ever want to lose it. The older I get, the more I understand why parents insist on stopping during vacation to take so many photos of their kids. The more I go through this life, a life that seems to go by increasingly fast each day, the more I have a need for a single place to collect things that are valuable.

It is my hope that you will find at least a single valuable idea on these pages that will inspire you to make changes that will benefit your life.


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