The biggest problem our nation faces.

This might sound weird.
I’ve been more outspoken than usual this year about the two things we “aren’t supposed to discuss” for fear of offending: politics and religion. I learned not to cater to fear.
This isn’t necessarily referring to anybody that has disagreed with me. I very much welcome disagreement and respectful discussion. We all have blind spots, and we can all benefit from meaningful discourse.
But I’ve also been participating in other forums of various sorts and relatively extensively.. and one thing I see a lot of is people that have been devastatingly hurt, violently offended and violated, extremely interested in retribution for whoever will get into their crosshairs, bordering on stalkerish and in some cases, threatening. And yet they pretend to be okay and transform these things into a giant wall of hatred — highly susceptible to brainwashing.
This is probably an oversimplification and I’m sure I’m making huge assumptions. But some people just need DADS. Seriously.
The biggest problem we have is not illegal immigration, it’s not racism, and it’s not gun violence or corruption and it’s not unemployment. Those are all serious things that deserve consideration and attention. But the biggest problem we face is we don’t have enough fathers out there to love on their kids. And the kids grow up substituting various bullshit things out there for the void that a dad should be filling. And those idols lead to screwed up values and a screwed up identity.
I believe very strongly that if we fixed families and ignored everything else, we would probably see a lot of the other problems disappear organically.
Am I crazy or is anyone seeing this?

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